Simple Lymphatic Drainage (SLD)

Self-care is part of your daily routine when looking after lymphoedema, and there are many ways in which the patient can take care of themselves. One of the daily routines will be Simple Lymphatic Drainage.

What is Simple Lymphatic Drainage (SLD)?

SLD is a gentle massage that helps to move the lymph fluid away from congested or swollen areas towards an area of the lymphatic system where it can drain more effectively.  Does that sound complicated to you? It needn’t be let me explain.


For various reason the whole of the right side of my body, the lymphatic system is compromised and swells regularly.  Through hand movements, keeping my hand in contact with my skin, I move my hand from the right side across my chest to the left side, gently stretching the skin as I go, then I release my hand and the skin goes back in place. 

I do this on dry skin and don’t use creams, lotions, or oils. Some of members may use talc. This daily massage should not cause any bruising or redness. I do this as part of my daily morning routine, although you may find that sometimes you will need to do this more often during the day, depending on your swelling.